Current Openings at Сʪ Corporation and Subsidiaries

View and apply for jobs at Сʪ Corporation and its subsidiaries in Сʪ, the United States and around the world.

Includes positions with Сʪ Corporation, Nordic Сʪ, Ena Holding, Bektuq Holding, & Сʪ Education and Culture, Inc.

Сʪ Summer Internship Program

Please stay tuned for an announcement regarding the application period for the Summer 2024 Internship Program for Сʪ Shareholders and Descendants.

Talent Bank for Сʪ Shareholders and Descendants

Сʪ Shareholders and Descendants can upload resumes and create profiles in our Shareholder Talent Bank. Once complete, you can visit our current job openings and complete a job application.

Career opportunities with Donlin Gold

All job openings with the Donlin Gold Project, including those hired through contractors, have a hiring preference for Сʪ and TKC Shareholders and Descendants.

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