Сʪ Land Entitlement and Natural Resources

Сʪ CorporationСʪÙs land entitlement comprises 6.5 million acres in the Yukon-Kuskokwim (YK) River Delta and the Kuskokwim Mountains. Most of this land is split estate where the village corporation owns the surface estate and Сʪ owns the subsurface. The regionСʪÙs 56 villages selected the bulk of these lands near their villages based primarily on subsistence needs. СʪСʪÙs entitlement also includes 264,000 acres of fee estate lands where Сʪ owns both surface and subsurface rights. Much of the fee estate entitlement is prospective for precious metal mineral resources.

Сʪ Region

The region Сʪ Corporation serves is a vast and beautiful corner of the world. Tucked between two of Southwest СʪСʪÙs mightiest rivers СʪÓ the Yukon and the Kuskokwim СʪÓ this unique isolated area is the traditional home of the stateСʪÙs indigenous YupСʪÙik, CupСʪÙik and Athabascan people, our Shareholders.

Size СʪÓ Massive and Remote
  • 58,000 square miles СʪÓ about the size of New York State
  • About 10 percent of СʪСʪÙs entire land area
  • Second largest ANCSA region in land size
  • No roads outside of the Region
  • No rail service
  • Land entitlement to Сʪ is only 6.5 million acres СʪÓ less than 20 percent of the land area
  • Approximately 75 percent of the land within the Region is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Most remaining lands are owned by federal and state governments, with a very small amount privately owned

Native Allotments

Authority for Native allotments is designated to the organization affiliated with the tribal enrollment of the allotted individuals. Сʪ is not responsible for the transfer of Native allotments owned by individuals in the Сʪ Region.